Hi Everyone,

I had a really good week and as I mentioned in my last blog, I went to Montana to go white-tailed deer hunting. It was a blast!

I left Kansas Speedway to do white-tailed deer hunting in Montana with the Realtree folks. A television crew followed us like my last hunt as it’s going to be a part of the same NASCAR hunting show. My best friend Adam Sherer went along. Adam is the same guy I went fishing with a few weeks ago off the coast of N.C. Anyway, on the first day we scoped out the area and saw a bunch of deer. We spotted an impressive 10-point buck so we all knew we were in for a good hunt.

During first two days of the hunt, we had several close encounters, but never had a good opportunity to shoot one. But on day three, that was an entirely different story. In the morning, Adam encountered a 10-point buck that would have scored in the 150” class, but he couldn’t take the shot because a limb was in the way. Fortunately for Adam, all was not lost.

Later in the afternoon, it was my turn. I smoked a nice deer. It was a 10 pointer in the 125” class. He was a young one – about three years old. Now, it was up to Adam to deliver. Adam spotted a really nice 10 pointer about five minutes before dark. It came right into his bow range on the right side. He drew and took a shot. The buck went 50 yards before piling up. He turned out to be bigger than the one Adam missed out on earlier in the morning. This buck was in the 162” class. He was massive.

I absolutely love hunting and it’s the way I like to relax and get focused. Obviously when I walked off the plane to go to my NAPA appearance in Staunton, Illinois, I was pretty stoked. Most of the fans there knew I had gone hunting and wanted to know how it went. I want to thank Jim McKay who invited me to sign autographs at his trade show. His event was a success and helped raise $41,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Then it was off to California for the race weekend.

The NAPA team had a really good weekend at the Auto Club Speedway. If only the finish could reflect that.
We started a little bit off on Sunday but, we worked on the car and got it really good. We ran in the top 10 for most of the race and were sixth at the time we had our right fender tore off due to an incident on pit road. That took us out of it. For us, an 18th-place finish for a half wrecked car isn’t too bad. Overall, it was OK.

I’m not sure what this team has to do to get a little bit of luck on our side. It seems as if we have a really good car, something strange happens and we finish 20th. If we have a bad handling car we still finish 20th. It’s disappointing, but it’s racing. It is how it goes. We’re going to keep at it and it will all work out.

Next up is Charlotte Motor Speedway. I’m hoping the home cooking and being at Charlotte Motor Speedway this week will start our turn to the positive side. We had a good car in the spring race. We won the Showdown and finished second in the All-Star Race. Then we had some bad luck in the Coca-Cola 600 which isn’t too surprising. We had a good car so I am looking forward to going back. I’m also racing in the Nationwide Series race so I’m going to be busy, but it’s going to be a lot of fun.


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