Hi everyone!!!

I had an awesome off weekend. It was the coolest thing ever. I left for Kentucky on Wednesday for the Truck race. I didn’t have to be there until Friday. A lot of drivers go to the Caribbean or the Bahamas. I went to Kentucky and knocked it out. I stayed at the Belterra Casino Resort and Spa. They have a great Tom Fazio golf course. I shot a 13 on one hole. I wanted to see what I could get if I counted all of them. On a brighter note, earlier in the week, I was golfing at the Peninsula Club that’s not far from Raceworld U.S.A. I birdied holes 17 and 18. I shot a 40. I have never shot in the 30s in my life, but I got a 40. As you can tell, my golf game is a little inconsistent right now.

From a racing standpoint, it was a pretty good weekend, especially when looking at the Nationwide race in St. Louis. David Reutimann drove up there and looked like he had the dominant car. Unfortunately, he got in a crash. He certainly looked like he could have won that race. That was pretty cool to see.

Then, on Sunday, I was in Mississippi to watch Miss Macy race her barrel horse. She did great. There were over 600 kids participating. They did 300 of them on Sunday and then 300 were to run on Monday. She had a clean run. She didn’t knock over a barrel. Her best time ever is 15.70 seconds. She ran a 16.70. She was a second off her personal best. It was weird because they had to wait around forever. It reminded me of qualifying at Bristol. It takes 15 seconds, but you have to wait for what feels like hours to get your turn. Macy is pretty new at barrel racing. She’s only been doing it for about a year. When it was her turn, she went to the first barrel, and she was supposed to yell at her horse. The horse would then know it was time to sit and turn. When she got over towards the first barrel, I think she forgot to yell. I thought she was going to ride on out of the arena. Then she saw where she was heading, and it was amazing. She weighs all of 70 pounds. She’s a sweet little angel, and she got her huge horse to go in the right direction. She got him over to the second barrel and cleared it. She had a really fast run after she got around the first barrel. I was so proud of her. It was a lot of fun to go to the horse show. There were people there from all over the country. I met tons of race fans and they were happy to see me there. They thought it was cool that Macy was competing.

Since I was with Macy on Sunday, I did not get to see my buddy Ron Capps make it to the finals in Seattle. That was pretty awesome! It looks like both of our NAPA Racing programs are in for a strong second half.

This week is busy as usual. Monday, I did my XM Satellite radio show. Tuesday, I traveled to Madison, Alabama. I went there to support one of my high school buddy’s, Paul Finley. He is running for the mayor of Madison. I campaigned for him and signed autographs. I wanted to create awareness for his campaign and raise money so that he can continue to get his message out to the community. He helped me in the past with my Operation Marathon project. He ran the marathon with me, and raised a significant amount of money. He’s been a really good friend, and I am proud that I was able to go to Alabama and help him. Wednesday, I am at Raceworld participating in a sponsor event for the folks of Jet Edge. Then on Thursday, it is off to Indy to do a NAPA appearance at Lincoln Tech, have dinner with the folks at SPEED and then Friday on out, my focus will be on preparing my NAPA AUTO PARTS Toyota for a good run on Sunday in the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard.

Enjoy the Race!


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