Atlanta 2

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What do you know? Qualifying was rained out at Atlanta Motor Speedway. That’s the tenth time this season and second-straight week in a row. Since I moved up in the points at Martinsville, I started 29th at Atlanta. On Sunday, my NAPA AUTO PARTS Toyota did everything it was supposed to do. We got up to ninth but then finished 37th. There were a bunch of circumstances that messed us up because at the start of the race, my NAPA AUTO PARTS Toyota sure looked like it was a top-five car. But before the halfway point, we lost our radio communication. In the middle of that problem, I was trying to ask for an adjustment to the car. The adjustment I got didn’t work out. But it was a mistake that I made that hurt us. I just got up high and into the wall. We blew a tire and tore the car up. A lot of stuff went down prior to me making the mistake.

It’s a real shame because so many Sundays since starting Michael Waltrip Racing, my NAPA team had to fight to the finish and that’s all we could do. To have a car on Sunday that I could go up there and have illusions of running in the top five and maybe even getting a win, it’s a great feeling to have. It’s just so tough to have it spoiled. It’s hard to take. Now we are leaving Atlanta knowing we can run well at Texas. We will just sharpen up. We are going to try to make sure we dot our “I’s” and cross our “T’s” a little bit closer. We are going to try and make something good happen this weekend in Texas.

As for my other two teams at Atlanta, I was real proud of Marcos Ambrose. I like him more and more every day as we get to talk and I hear his philosophy about driving the car. I like how he goes about doing his job. I was very impressed with him. David and his UPS team felt like they had a very, very good car on Saturday afternoon. They were fast. Unfortunately, it didn’t relate to Sunday. They are working to find out what happened. That just goes to show you how tough these cars are to predict. David had a car that did not cooperate with him on Sunday.

Regardless, I think all three of our Cup teams and both Nationwide teams that will be running at Texas are confident as to where our cars will be when it comes time to race. We will be competitive!

Stay tuned. Don’t forget to vote next Tuesday and I’ll talk to you soon!

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