Las Vegas

Hi Everyone –

The greatest thing at a NASCAR race is the amount of fun everyone has. At Las Vegas, it was no different. You saw drivers having a lot of fun. The race itself was way over the top. I am so proud that so many people showed up to watch the race and see what we love to do. It sure felt good to look up in those stands and see all those people. It was a great turnout. I even had my friend, comedian Ron White come to the track and watch the race from my pit box. I went to his show on Friday so he came to my show on Sunday. It was pretty cool.

When it came to on-track action, one of the coolest things I saw was Jamie McMurray make an incredible save. He should go hang out at one of those drifting schools. He made an amazing save. Another guy, Aric Almirola, found himself in a similar situation but, he wasn’t able to pull off the save. Sometimes fans ask, ‘Is it luck or skill?’ I have to say skill because anyone who can qualify for a NASCAR Sprint Cup race has to have a tremendous amount of skill. NASCAR drivers have more skill than anyone in America and are fortunate enough to make it to the pinnacle of racing. But, what Jamie was able to do on a set of radial tires was really cool to watch. In one second, what he was doing could have been over. Jamie was able to stretch that one second where it could have been all over to five or six seconds of incredible driving. If you haven’t seen it, try and catch the replay of the race.

I know I have said this before, but I will say it again. It is really hard to win one of these races and I truly believe that David Reutimann will win a race in the very near future. Reutimann qualified fourth for the race and had to go to the back of the field because of an engine change after qualifying. He persevered and drove the whole way up through the field. Then he had an oil leak that put him back in the field again. He drove up through the field a second time to finish fourth. It was his best finish of his Sprint Cup career. He’s our guy at MWR and we really believe he can win races. His time is coming.

I am also proud of my entire MWR organization. Marcos Ambrose once again turned in a top-20 performance with a wrecked car. We feel like we finally have our feet under us after some challenging times. My NAPA team once again had a fast car for me. We qualified decent. We practiced Saturday and it was horrible. Then Sunday, my NAPA team put a fast car under me. It all started to really work out for us. We were running fast and then I jumped the cushion. We crashed. It’s unfortunate, but I had a good car. There is no reason for me not to have another fast car at NAPA’s home track this weekend at Atlanta Motor Speedway. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone and putting on a good show. We’ve got two cars currently in The Chase and I am proud that your NAPA car is one of them!

I hope to see you this weekend!

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