Phoenix International Speedway

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This owner/driver thing is maybe a little more difficult than I thought it would be because Michael Waltrip Racing had a great night with David Reutimann who was contending for the win or a top-five finish. My other teammate Marcos Ambrose was right up in the top-10 mix for awhile. My night was just bad. I had a good car. We ran well. We got to lead a lap and you never know how important those five bonus points are going to be one day. But our night turned bad just before the half-way mark. I made a mistake and got loose underneath Robby Gordon. I wrecked us both. I saw Robby after the race. I know he made some comments on TV about me that weren’t very nice. Robby didn’t deserve to get wrecked. That was my fault. He is teetering right on the top 35 and I know what that world is like. I am glad that he stayed on the right side of that fence. I am sorry that it happened. My mistake ruined our night. The race went back to green with my car all tore up and we ran about 120 laps without a caution. It was ugly.

On Friday night, I was leading the Nationwide Series race in my No. 99 Best Western Toyota and Carl Edwards just wiped me out. I thought, ‘That’s the dumbest thing I have ever experienced in my life. Why would he do that?’ The Best Western car was fast. I was really looking forward to racing it. During the first caution, Jerry Baxter made the call to stay out. The rest of the frontrunners pitted for fresh tires. I thought Jerry’s call was fine. I just didn’t anticipate someone being that impatient. Looking back, what happened on Saturday night with Robby changed my attitude towards Carl quite a bit. I can’t be upset with Carl after what I did to Robby. I made a mistake and I believe Carl made a mistake. It is so hard. It’s a tough job and sometimes things don’t go the way you want them to.

Mark Martin scored Hendrick Motorsports its fifth-consecutive NASCAR Sprint Cup Series win at Phoenix International Raceway. That’s amazing. It’s cool to see a win from one of the old guys. For awhile, everybody made a big deal out of age in the sport. I never really saw it. Good guys come along that are young and get a lot of attention despite the fact that there are guys in their 30s and 40s that still get the job done. Mark took it to the next level on Saturday night. He’s been winning races since he was 12 years old. Now, he’s 50 and won at a tough, little track. It’s impressive. He is a special talent. He is dedicated. He works hard. He can drive. He deserves the win. It’s really cool to erase that line between young and old. Let’s just race our cars!


Michael Waltrip

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