Sprint All-Star Race

Hi Everyone –

The NAPA team finished 14th in the NASCAR Sprint Showdown on Saturday night. Obviously, it wasn’t the finish we were hoping for that evening. The car just did not handle well enough to race up front and be a part of the story. I was disappointed, but despite that, I am looking forward to the Coca-Cola 600. We gathered a lot of information and what we gained and learned from the NASCAR All-Star weekend will apply to the Coca-Cola 600. We can learn a lot from David Reutimann. His car ran well and  finished fourth. Unfortunately, Marcos and his team struggled, but still was able to finish in the top 10. We will look over the notes that we gathered and figure out what we need to do to be better for the big race this weekend.

The Sprint All-Star Race was a great race. The drama that was playing up to the last 10 laps was unbelievable. I couldn’t wait to watch the end. If you tell drivers they have 10 laps, they will flip the switch and go and that’s what we witnessed on Saturday night. Those first five laps of the 10 lapper were as good as you will ever see.

I am happy for Tony Stewart. I remember the first time I won a race as a NASCAR team owner. I started my NASCAR Nationwide Series team from behind my house in Sherrills Ford. We would load up our cars and take them to the track and race against DEI (Dale Earnhardt Inc.) and Hendrick Motorsports. When I won, I thought, ‘Man, what a great feeling.’ It inspired me to start a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team. So, I can only imagine what Tony Stewart feels like this week. It is truly an accomplishment for him because not only did he get a win in the All-Star event, he put on his owner hat on Monday morning and had to deal with the fact that he had a $1 million pay day. That will certainly help his bottom line!

Before I go, I want to thank all of you who voted for me in the Sprint Fan Vote. You put me in close contention for the win. As a matter of fact, both Reutimann and I were among the top-five vote getters. I had a strong feeling that Joey Logano was going to win the vote. He pretty much had it wrapped up from the very beginning with all those people lined up behind him in that Home Depot commercial. I think that commercial was the key to Logano’s victory. It’s my plan to win a race before the season is out so we won’t have to worry about the Sprint Fan Vote next year. Regardless, I’m glad I was up there in the running thanks to you. It makes me feel special and I really appreciate the fact that a lot of people took the time to vote for me.

Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend!

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