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The NAPA team has had bad luck two weeks in a row. I didn’t even get to break a sweat yesterday. Paul Menard spun. I slowed down and missed him. Then I got crashed. Not a whole lot to report about except I really believe we had a competitive car yesterday. I was fast from the start and that was very encouraging. I have to say we haven’t been running as well as I hoped this year, but we’ll keep at it and hope to get a win for you guys before the season is over.

On Saturday night, I went over to Lincoln, Neb., for a dirt race at Eagle Raceway. I got to meet a lot of fans. I signed a bunch of autographs and then raced a dirt car. I won my second heat race driving a pink NAPA/Susan G. Komen dirt car. I am really proud of what NAPA is doing with the Susan G. Komen Foundation this year. They really are all out for the cure and so am I. I have even started wearing a pink NAPA/Susan G. Komen hat at the track to help spread the world and I cannot wait to drive my NAPA/Susan G. Komen Foundation Toyota in the race at Charlotte. My car will be blue and pink.  


Tomorrow I will be on “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?” It will be on at 8 p.m. Eastern on MyNetworkTV . I was asked that very question at the NAPA Race Day Experience. My answer was no, but I watched a couple of the other drivers who were playing and I am definitely smarter than them. Since we’ve had two bad races in a row, I’ve decided to do something a little different with the rest of this blog. I’d like to share with you some of the answers to the most asked questions I get at NAPA hospitality as most of those folks and maybe you would want to know. Did I recruit Martin Truex Jr. to come to MWR or did he come to us? It was 50-50. We have done some good things with our team. People started noticing. Not only guys like Martin, but guys like Pat Tryson, who is currently Kurt Busch’s crew chief. They are racing in the Chase. Kurt is currently fifth in the championship point standings. Pat is coming over to MWR to be Martin’s crew chief. A lot of good things have happened at MWR and we have made so much progress in our cars and they are running really well. So, some high-profile people have taken notice and have shown interest in joining our efforts. Are any of your children interested in being a driver? Do you see women drivers in the future of NASCAR?

I have seen women drivers in the past. They have been around forever, but none of them have accomplished everything that they had hoped. It is kind of confusing as to why since there is no physical reason why a woman couldn’t do our job. Mentally, they are obviously capable of doing the job as we are. I think maybe more so. I hope in the future that changes and a woman is able to accomplish a lot in the world of NASCAR.

My daughters Caitlin and Macy are not into racing so far. I think that is perfectly fine. If they wanted to drive I would try and help them. However, I am not going to volunteer it because I think there are more fun things that a little girl like Macy would rather do. Macy loves riding horses and running track. She’s just enjoying being a kid. That is right up there with me.

I did take Macy to the Richard Petty Driving School to get her a ride around Darlington Raceway. She thought it was pretty neat.

When will there be two NAPA Toyotas on the track?

NAPA is signed up to sponsor me at Daytona so there will definitely be two cars during the 2010 Daytona 500. My car and Martin’s car will be racing for the win. I hope to run a total of seven or eight races next season if MWR can get sponsorship to do so.

I’m off to tape This Week in NASCAR.

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