Texas Motor Speedway 2

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I am so proud of Michael Waltrip Racing and our run at Texas Motor Speedway. The engineers and all of our employees are working so hard especially building our new race cars. Both Marcos and David had two of the fastest cars in Texas. What a great statement that is for our young organization and to be able to go to a track like that and perform at that level is impressive. My NAPA hat is off to them.

MWR announced a new sponsor at Texas. Tums is going to sponsor David’s car in 2010 and beyond. We are gaining a little bit of momentum and I am just proud of our people. We also have more news to announce this weekend in Phoenix so stay tuned.

For those of you who watched TWIN last week, Chad Knaus was right. The Chase is far from over. His team couldn’t have any problems. If they did, it would open the door for more teams to be back in the mix. Heading into Phoenix, Mark Martin and Jeff Gordon are back in contention.

I talked to David Reutimann and he said he didn’t know whether or not he hit Sam Hornish Jr. that started the crash. He assumed he did. When they were ready to come off the corner, Sam didn’t go as fast as David thought he would. David said if he made a mistake, he hated it. It was really close. He was disappointed that he may have wrecked Sam causing the points leader to be involved. Obviously, it is a big blow to Jimmie’s team. No one wants to be a part of that.

In my opinion, I think Jimmie Johnson is one of the most underrated drivers in the history of NASCAR. He does more with a race car than I think anyone has ever done.

What we saw on Sunday was the classic fuel mileage race and I loved it as a fan. As a driver and owner, I had two cars running in the top five that ran out of gas. It didn’t work out so well for us. But as a fan of the sport, fuel mileage races happen so you can appreciate the strategy and the knowledge that these teams have about how to conquer one of these races. They are so hard to win. To go and win one the way Pat Tryson and Kurt Busch did was awarding and fun to watch.

Congratulations to Pat Tryson. We are looking forward to him joining the NAPA Racing team. He made a great call by taking a gamble and giving up track position. It would have been easy to follow all the leaders to pit road. Instead, he gave up a second or two a lap by pitting a few laps later which is what it basically amounted to. Pat chose to give up the position so that he could make it to the finish if the race were to go green all the way. Very rarely do we see a race at Texas go green that long, but darn, to me, that’s an exciting part of racing. The crew chiefs were all on the box trying to figure out who was going to make it and who was not. It came down to a lot of teams wishing they would have sacrificed a lap or two on the other end to get where they needed to go on the big end.

Tryson’s team won by over 25 seconds and I think it is the largest margin of victory since NASCAR went to electronic scoring back in the 1990s. It was a big victory. Kurt Busch was fast. He was chasing his little brother down and running right there with him. He didn’t back into the win because of fuel mileage. One of the fastest cars won because they got good fuel mileage.

There you have it. We only have two more races to go and it’s going to be fun to watch what happens in Phoenix.

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